A Banking Software solution for Mid & Large Size Banks and Vertical Specific Solutions for various forms of Financial Institutions.

Credit Union

TrustBankCBS has been successfully implemented in some of the large, leading and advance credit unions offering complete online banking experience to its members. The important functional features of Employee Credit Society Version includes:

  • Member Registration
  • Shares Management
  • Compulsory Deposits Management
  • Voluntary Deposits (Savings)
  • Member Loans Products (Regular, Festival, Emergency Loans etc..)
  • Member Loan Guarantor details
  • Loans Origination, Credit Appraisal
  • Online Monthly Demand
  • Dividend Calculation
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Statements and MIS Reports
  • SMS Banking
  • Online Internet Banking

Employee Credit Union Software

Employee Credit Union is a member-owned financial co-operative, handled by its member for providing loan at competitive interest & providing various types of financial services to its Employee Credit Union Members.

TrustBankCBS Employee Credit Union Software is a Web Based Solution offer various functionality like Front Office operation, Back Office Operation, Cash management, Credit & Deposit Product Management etc.

TrustBankCBS Employee Credit Union handles various modules like Interest posting, Set account for demand, Demand creation, Submission of demand etc. also the software can generate various Reports which are needed in the Employee Credit Union.

TrustBankCBS Employee Credit Union Software helps the Credit Union to manage the operational & administrative activities in a efficient manner.