A complete, integrated Suite of banking software solutions on uniform platform integrated with multiple delivery channels.

Swift Integration

Although originally the SWIFT network was designed to support the requirements of Treasury and Correspondent banking operations, it has over the years allowed other institutions access to the services viz.: Banks, Trading Institution, Money Brokers, Securities Broker, Investment Banks, Clearing Systems, Exchanges etc.

Thus, for banks, integration of Core Banking System to SWIFT network can integrate itself with multiple banks and financial institutions in the most efficient and reliable manner globally.

With TrustBankCBS integration to SwiftNet (IP Based Network replacing earlier X.25 Network), the banks can operate no of below SWIFT services for its customers:

GPA: General Purpose Application, which only allows system messages, i.e. messages from a user to SWIFT and vice versa, not from one user to another.

FIN: Financial Application, which is the user to user service comprising System Messages MT0nn, User-to-User Messages MT1nn through 9nn and Service Messages such as Acknowledgements.

Additionally, SWIFT provides a number of services that are charged for over and above the normal fees. A few of these are:

  • IFT (Interbank File Transfer) -For bulk file transfer of messages, for example low net value, high volume retail payments.
  • ACCORD - A centralized confirmation matching bureau service.
  • Directory Services - An automated and centralized Standard Settlement Instruction service for message enrichment that at present is limited to Treasury and Payment information.
  • RTGS (Y-copy) - Mostly used for sending a copy of a message or parts thereof to a third party, for example a Central Bank
  • Country Specific (e.g. CREST, CHAPSEuro) - Where SWIFT are either the carrier of the messages or the supplier of additional network services.

The TrustBankCBS SWIFTNet integration adapters has an architecture that supports the requirements for a fully redundant 24x7 secure operation and is also highly scalable.