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Smart Phone Onfield

TrustBankCBS’s ‘Smart Phone solution’ facilitates the banks, MicroFinance and Financial Institutions to automate their onfield activities and make it completely online with CBS. The activities comprises:

  • On-field account opening and capturing necessary account opening documentation.
  • On-field Daily Deposit Collections by marketers.
  • On-field Micro-Finance repayments in the group meetings
  • Recording Recovery Transactions by Bank’s recovery teams
  • Personalized services of onField Withdrawals to the Premium Customers by Relationship Officer.
  • Other services of Savings Deposits, Balance Inquiry etc.

The TrustBankCBS ‘Smart Phone solution’ provides features as:

  • ANDROID based smart phones and Tabs
  • Facilitates the collections for all deposit and loan account types (excluding Term Deposits)
  • Facilitate Anywhere Transactions i.e. the field officer can serve customer from any branch of the bank.
  • Real-time posting of transaction on CBS Server.
  • Field officer wise Transactions Reports and Reconciliation Reports.
  • Facilitates automation workflow for onfield account opening

The transactions thro’ SmartPhone interface are completely secured.