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In traditional form of Co-operative banks, the organization is a collectively owned and self-managed by members. In co-operative banks / societies / SACCOS / Credit Unions, every member participates in decision making thro’ democratic process. All members hold the shares and have voting rights.

TrustBankCBS ‘Shares Management’ module helps to manage this very important functionality of the Co-operative banking organizations. The functionality automated by ‘Shares Management’ module comprises.

  • Member Registration
    1. Member Info
    2. Joint Details
    3. Nominee Details
  • Shares Management
    1. Share Allotment
    2. Share Surrender – Cancellation
    3. Share Transfer
    4. Member Share Ledger
  • Dividend Management
    1. Dividend Calculation
    2. Dividend Paid/Unpaid List
  • Reports
    1. Share Reports
      1. Share Balance Register
      2. Share Day Book
      3. Member Register (In Statutory Formats)
      4. Share Certificate
      5. Voter List
      6. Address Label
      7. Share Returns Register
      8. Share Transfer Register
    2. Dividend Reports
      1. Dividend Register
      2. Dividend Warrant