A complete, integrated Suite of banking software solutions on uniform platform integrated with multiple delivery channels.

Internet Banking

In today's Digital word the way of banking has changed and customer preference is more on bank from anywhere and they donít prefer traditional way the bank use to serve their products and services. The most convenient way to do this is to use internet based application that allows you to offer full banking functionality in secured way.

Online banking is one of the preferred way by most of the users. It improves customer experience with rich UI and personalized customer centric approach. Its omnichannel support capability enables bank to take advantage to connect with multiple financial switches for card based payments and electronic transfer (RTGS, SWIFT etc..). Itís a real time application and supports multi currency, multi country and multi lingual attracting different geographical customers to bank remotely.

Itís a full package of products and services that todayís bank require to improve their customer experience.

Online realtime banking is a need of time and a future for customers.

About solution

  • Realtime solution integrated with core system and other applications
  • Secured connections and robust architecture
  • Scalable to meet banks expectations and improved customer experience
  • Personalized interface
  • Cross or direct product/ service selling to different customer segments
  • APIs for integrating with third party systems
  • Cloud compatible

Key Features

  • View all your accounts details online
  • e-Statements and online ledger generation
  • Domestic and cross boarder funds transfer
  • Manage nominees and beneficiaries of accounts
  • Online application to different products and services offered by the bank
  • Application and request to operate cheque book
  • Wallet integration
  • Individual client access and corporate client access ( multi users for one access)
  • Manage trade products like Bank guarantee and letter of credits
  • Track your trade calendar
  • Utility bills payment integration
  • Other third party system integration


  • Reduces fraud by 2FA and 3FA authentication and new security trends like secured biometric validation
  • Tailored UI for the banks
  • Future proof and scalable solution
  • Improves customers experience