A complete, integrated Suite of banking software solutions on uniform platform integrated with multiple delivery channels.


TrustBankCBS HRMS module is a Web enabled centralized solution with security features. It encompasses the new technology and practices followed in the areas of Human Resources Process Management System and enable the Banks to achieve the objectives of operational efficiency, streamlined process and work flow automation in respect of HR functions.

With TrustBankCBS HRMS implementation, the Banks achieves HRM System objectives as outlined below:

  • Bring in the best of systems/processes in HR management to enhance efficiency of the Bank's existing HR systems / practices /procedures.
  • Assist the Bank in Change Management. The offer should include the desired capability of Bank in Change management, process and methodology used & experience.
  • Fully integrated and on uniform platform of TrustBank CBS system implementation at the bank to avoid data duplication.
  • Cover complete HRMS Employee database comprising Personal Details, Qualifications, Experience, Promotions history, Transfer history, Honor & Rewards, Disciplinary Actions, Leaves mgmt etc.
  • The Application has user-friendly and powerful querying mechanism and help effective data mining based on the defined parameters, processing logic, rules and criteria.
  • Facilitates defining complete organization structure with various offices, branches, departments etc. The Data ownership will remain at Corporate Office. Branches/Regional Offices work on and/or upload data to / download data from HRMS Data Centre Servers, as per defined levels of access and permissions.
  • The HRMS module has exhaustive reports generation facility for MIS as well as statutory requirements for reporting (statutory and other) purposes.