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GST Compliance

GST is one of the biggest tax reform in India since 70 years. For this “One India One Tax”, you need a proper and streamlined configured system in place while managing compliances along with a lot of services. Here we are offering complete GST compliance solution “SoftGST” specifically designed for banking industry. “SoftGST” is completely browser based, user friendly solution which can be easily integrate with CBS solution through API. We have successfully implemented our solution with top CBS solutions implemented across all private & commercial Banks in India.

Apart from this, We take pride in introducing ourselves as a Goods & Service Tax Service Provider (GSP) appointed by GSTN. GSTN – Goods and Service Tax Network is a government owned company providing technology platform for GST Compliance.

Salient Features of “SoftGST” Solution

  • API integration / interfacing with CBS.
  • Bulk invoice generation utility against all income services & NPCI transactions (acquire/issuer) for Bank's B2B & B2C customers.
  • Bulk sales CR/DR note generation utility for Bank’s B2B customers.
  • Bulk digitally signing & mailing facility to generated invoices in single click.
  • Purchase transactions entry / import option.
  • Purchase transactions voucher posting in CBS through API transaction.
  • Purchase reconciliation with downloading GSTR2A file from GSTN server.
  • All monthly / yearly applicable GST returns preparation and filing.
  • Various MIS Reports & Dashboards

Functional Features Offered

Invoice Generation Utility

  • Invoice generation against all income charges (RTGS/NEFT, DD Comm., Locker Rent etc.) for Bank's B2B and B2C customers.
        • Facility to import monthly income transaction data file.
        • Invoice generation & Digital signing
  • Invoice generation against NPCI acquirer/issuer transactions ( ATM,POS,IMPS,NACH,MMS,RUPAY) for other Banks.
        • Import data file received from NPCI.
        • Invoice generation & Digital signing
  • Invoice generation against misc. income like scrap sale, asset sale, tender form fees etc.
        • Sales invoice entry option for misc. income head as required(misc. income head)

Purchase Transactions

  • Maintaining Supplier Master details
  • Maintaining Goods / Services, HSN/SAC, Expense/Asset GL Code
  • Single entry screen for all type of purchase invoices (B2B,B2BUR,RCM,IMPG,IMPS etc.)
  • Purchase CR/DR note entry.
  • ITC Calculation (50%) as per eligibility criteria of HSN/SAC and it’s posting to CBS.
  • Computation of Reverse Charge Tax Liability and it’s posting to CBS

Reconciliation of GSTR2A with Purchase Transactions

  • Downloading and import of GSTR2A data from GSTN server
  • Reconciliation of all B2B purchase invoices, CR / DR notes based of various matching criteria’s.
  • Reconciliation with amount variation/PAN No. etc.
  • Branch wise Reconciliation Facility.
  • Various Reconciliation Reports with Export to MS Excel Facility.

Monthly / Yearly GST returns preparation and filing

  • GSTR1
  • GSTR3B
  • GSTR7
  • GSTR9

MIS and Reports

  • GSTR1 Summary / Details (GSTIN, State, Branch, GL Code wise)
  • Purchase Register (Registered, Un-registered, Composite dealer etc.)
  • GL Code wise Expense Report (Bank, State & Branch wise)
  • ITC Register (ITC Eligible / In Eligible, Reconcile ITC etc.)