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Fixed Assets & Consumable Inventory Management

Keeping track of your fixed assets and Inventories just got whole lot easier than before.

It is very critical to maintain an accurate inventory items and fixed assets; without which, its challenging to maintain accuracy and reliability of your fixed asset accounting. However, the task of managing a physical inventory and fixed assets can seem daunting, and that’s where TrustBank Fixed Assets can be of help.

Knowing exact location, quantity and value of your fixed assets or inventory items, one can effectively plan for the movement of the items or purchases.

It’s a web based application and allows you to take care of all the Moveable and Non-Moveable Fixed Assets Purchased by the Bank. It has a purchase request and approval mechanism to depreciation calculations or disposals which gives you end to end functionality. MIS gives various reports which gives quick access to critical and complex calculated data.


  • Location wise assets and inventory tracking
  • Purchase request, administration and department based approval flow
  • Purchase Order, Invoice with tax bifurcation
  • Delivery notes and location wise delivery
  • Assets and Inventory items distribution
  • Assign items to owner
  • Assets lifecycle definition with amount of depreciation percentage
  • Depreciation calculation and posting
  • Assets revaluation
  • Assets sale, disposal
  • Operational and MIS Reports


  • Reduces unnecessary capital expenses
  • Keep a real time track of your assets and inventory items
  • Gain better control on your fixed assets items
  • Saves time and efforts and gain accuracy on depreciation calculation and correct posting