A complete, integrated Suite of banking software solutions on uniform platform integrated with multiple delivery channels.

Fixed Assets & Consumable Inventory Management

The TrustBankCBS ‘Fixed Assets’ solution facilitates banks to automate its fixed assets tracking and reconciliation capabilities of its assets across multiple physical offices / branches of the bank. The solution automates processes like Depreciation calculation, Asset register, Capitalization of asset renovations, Asset disposals etc.

The ‘Inventory’ functionality facilitate recording, issue and consumption of stocks of consumables viz: voucher books, account opening forms, passbooks, deposit certificates, cheque books, marketing stationary and other misc. consumables. For the consumables having unique nos (like cheques, deposit certificates etc.) are linked with respective processes in retail banking to avoid duplication of same instrument or certificate number.

The Sale, Purchase, Disposals, Depreciation etc. for Assets and Consumables are fully integrated with TrustBankCBS Financial Accounting.