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Dashboards WhatIf

The Management and Decision Makers at the Banks constantly needs information in form of Dashboards and What-if Anlaysis to provide:

To provide Insights into the past, current and future state of bank

To provide Information on a daily basis and help quick turnaround by not depending on periodic reporting cycle.

To provide Financial information in the hands of the managers empowering them to improve quality of key decisions.

To provide a quick overview of operational information.

To Provide quick insight using drill down features into performance problems.

With objective to provide the necessary information to operations manager for better decision making, we have designed and provided ‘operational dashboards solutions’ and ‘What-If analysis Solutions’ for the banks.

Some of the operational dashboards presented comprise:

  • Monthly Income Vs. Expense Dashboard
  • Growth of Deposits Vs Loans for selected period
  • Deposit Type wise Contribution in Total Deposits of the Bank
  • Loan Type wise Contribution in Total Loans & Advances of the Bank
  • Cash Flow Analysis Dashboard
  • Interest Rate wise Graphical Analysis of Loans & Advances
  • Fixed Deposits Maturity Pattern Dashboard
  • And many more …

Some of the What-If Analysis Reports presented comprise:

  • Sensitivity analysis (impact of 1% drop in the deposit rates on the Balance Sheet) – what is analysis on increase and decrease of the interest rate (deposit/loans) on the balance sheet
  • Sensitivity analysis, impact of increased/ decreased revenues from different profit centers/ services offered by the bank on the Balance Sheet
  • Sensitivity analysis, impact of increased/reduced expenses on the cost centers on the balance sheet
  • And many more …