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Assets Liabilities Management (ALM)

  • TrustBankCBS Assets Liabilities Management (ALM) Solutions help bank’s senior management team to carefully balance the bank’s current and long-term potential earnings with the need to maintain adequate liquidity and appropriate interest rate risk (IRR) exposures.
  • With ALM Solution, get clear view of customer base, product selection, funding distribution, asset mix, and risk profile.
  • TrustBankCBS ALM facilitates banks assess its earnings, establish loan and deposit strategies and pricing, monitors detailed IRR exposures, and evaluates liquidity risk exposures and contingency funding needs.
  • ALM reporting generally forms a core of regulatory reporting which bank has to do to the central bank. TrustBankCBS ALM facilitates bank to automate its regulatory reporting.

TrustBankCBS ALM Solution offers complete visibility on Risks thro’ its analytics on “Interest Rate Sensitivity”, “Structural Liquidity Analysis”, “Dynamic Liquidity Analysis”.