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ATM Reconciliation Module

The ATM e-reconciliation software help ensures that all ATM transactions (cash replenishment withdrawals, transfers and other transactions) are truly, properly and correctly represented and posted in branch books of accounts. The reconciliation system has also become necessary to reconcile ATM cash balances.

Configuration & Setup

  • Text File Configuration (NPCI & Switch)
  • Entity Transaction Search Configuration
  • Daily settlement file Configuration

ATM Transaction Reconciliation Flow

  • Import Text File Data
  • Import CBS Data
  • Delete Import Data Before Process
  • Reconcile Data
  • Force Reconciliation
  • Dispute ATM Transaction
  • Dispute ATM Transaction Passing
  • Delete Dispute ATM Transaction Un Passed Entries


  • Settlement Import
  • Delete Settlement Import Data
  • Daily Settlement Transaction
  • Daily Settlement Transaction Passing
  • Delete Daily Settlement Unpass Transaction
  • Monthly Settlement Transaction Passing
  • Monthly Settlement Transaction Passing
  • Delete Monthly Settlement Unpass Transaction


  • ATM Ledger Reports
  • File Transaction Report
  • Batch Transaction Report
  • Comparison Summary Report
  • Reconciled Transaction Report
  • Unreconciled Transaction Report
  • Force Reconciliation Report
  • Entity Transaction Search Report
  • ATM Dispute Pass/Unpass Report
  • Entity wise Summary Report
  • ATM Settlement Reports
  • Settlement File Data Report
  • Daily Settlement Pass/Unpass Report
  • Monthly Settlement
  • Pass/Unpass Report
  • ATM Transaction Ledger Report