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TRUSTBANKCBS is a comprehensive, integrated-yet-modular core banking solution that caters to all the needs of a modern financial institution and its multiple business segments. TRUSTBANKCBS gives you the unique advantage of implementing a single Banking Software seamlessly across the organization.

TRUSTBANKCBS has been consistently ranked as one of top ranked Core Banking System for last 5 consecutive years.

TRUSTBANKCBS has helped banks to reduce costs and in turn improve the bottom-line and stakeholder rewards. TRUSTBANKCBS derives its rich functionality from our extensive experience and expertise as a leading provider of Browser Based Online banking Software solutions globally.

The flexible, functional architecture of TRUSTBANKCBS enables it to be deployed across a variety of scenarios depending on the financial institution's business model.

TRUSTBANKCBS is built to run a range of functions: Retail and Corporate Banking, Treasury, Investment and Multiple Delivery Channel Support. It also supports high-end Business Intelligence, Internet banking, Mobile banking etc. Its contemporary architecture provides the capability to scale your business operations.

TrustBankCBS offer to multiple delivery channels viz: Internet Banking, RTGS, EFT Switch, SWIFT, CTS, ACH, CRM, Mobile Banking, XBRL Interface for Statutory Compliance Reporting ...



Banks avails TrustBanksCBS Core Banking solution with Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Wealth Management, Trade Finance, Internet Banking, ATM...



With TrustBankCBS Core Banking Solution for Microfinance banks, the MF Banks have the ability to serve the requirements of micro-finance...


Finance Companies

TrustBankCBS for Finance Companies (and NBFC) have been designed to cover the entire working of a Company/Firm involved in Fixed Deposits...


SACCOS / Credit Union

TrustBankCBS has been successfully implemented in some of the large, leading and advance employee Co-operative credit societies offering...



Services Implementation

To keep the time and cost under control in this transformation process, and to minimize the pains in the transformation, we along with customer follows established delivery / implementation process...

Core Banking Solution DataCenter

In recent days, high configuration servers, Routers, Storage solutions are available at economical pricing. To reduce the TCO in setting-up own datacenter, the important aspect its to properly assess the bank...

System Integration Services

For growing banks, IT expenditures for internal build-out and IT management may become burdon to your business. The underlying technologies required to run Core Banking can be costly, time-consuming...

Business Intelligence Services

Today, more than ever, Banking services providers must grow revenues, manage costs, and mitigate risk. The competition challenges the banks to execute well-aligned strategies across all channels and branches...



Core Banking is a service provided by Bank branches where the customer can access their bank accounts and perform the various transactions from any branch of the Bank. Core banking is mostly used by retail banking sector and core banking covers depositions, withdrawal, loan, mortgage and payments. The core of the core banking to run its functions smoothly is its core banking software and network technology. Centralize database allows to access from any location. Due to advancement in core banking technology, it reduces the manual work and raises the staff efficiency significantly. Core banking software is built for the consumer convenience, wherever your account branch located, you can do transactions, passbook maintenance, withdraw money, deposit the money, Loan, records, etc. Core banking software is the need of time and adopted by many banks.

TrustBankCBS is a Leading Core Banking Solution Provider, we Developed Core Banking Software for our clients as per requirement and provide end to End Solution